How is this program different?
ddk learn utilizes the concept of gamification, a web-based e-learning platform that makes learning fun! Users are prompted to watch a sequence of short videos each month, then answer a series of questions based on the content that was presented in each video. Points are earned for each correct answer and monthly points totals are listed on the Leaderboard. There’s no other retail training program like it!

How can I ensure that my sales associates will stay connected to this training?
The videos are informative and engaging and correct answers earn each user a number of points, which are listed on a monthly Leaderboard, resulting in friendly competition with their coworkers. Additional questions are sent to each user throughout the month, keeping them engaged and learning.

How does it work?
To enroll each of your associates, enter their name and email address on the sign-up page. At that point, each user will be sent a confirming email with login instructions.
Each month, users will view a series of training videos on a variety of topics to help increase sales. After viewing, users will be asked a series of questions to test their knowledge of that content. Upon answering those questions correctly, users will earn points that will establish their place on the Leaderboard, where they can see their standing among their coworkers. Throughout the month, additional questions will be sent to reinforce learning and earn extra points. At the end of the month, the Leaderboard will be cleared and a new set of videos and questions will be posted for the next month’s learning.

Should I reward the Top Leaders with an incentive? What should it be?
We strongly encourage you to reward the associate who earned the most points each month with an incentive of some kind; a gift card, cash, an in-store prize, paid time off, etc. We also have a Tango Card program available for an additional fee. Contact us at for more information.

What happens if two associates have a tie?
Each question has a timed response to it – the sooner the correct answer is selected, the more points will be awarded, so it would be difficult for two users to earn the exact same amount of points for all questions.

What if an associate doesn’t get 70% correct?
We’ve made every attempt to make sure that each user is challenged enough to learn and retain the content provided, while also making sure that the questions aren’t too easy. Each user will be able to re-take any questions that they didn’t answer correctly. If they can’t pass the 70% mark, they will be given that same content the following month to re-learn.

What if a sales associate leaves my store?
Simply contact us at and we’ll take care of deactivating any users.

What should I do for a new associate?
If you need to add associates after your initial sign-up, simply go back to the associates sign-up page and enter their information. The chapters are designed with the same number of total points to be earned, so they can join the Leaderboard and compete with the other associates in their store even though they’re on different chapters of content.

I have more than one store – can I just sign up everyone at the same time?
Only one store can be signed up at a time, so you’ll have to complete an additional signup for the associates at a different location.